Birdsong & Beyond creates bespoke experiential journeys for you, off the beaten tourist track, away from the din and rush of big resorts and big tour groups. With a focus on comfort, personalised, high quality service and slow, relaxed itineraries, our sojourns are intimate, cosy and fun. With a Birdsong holiday you feel a deep nature and culture connect, and get to refresh and enrich your senses and your soul.

We take you to a world of tranquillity, peace, nature’s rythms and a slowing down of time. We encourage you to really stretch that weekend to a week, to do less in each day and feel more, live more, just be more.

Our signature experience is created around our own property in the rural Himalayas, the Himalayn High @ Birdsong Cottage. Other customised experiences in different settings are offered as well, covering most of India’s diverse regions and a few special locales abroad .