About Us

The Prologue

Birdsong & Beyond is the coming true of a vision. The vision of journeys into the faraway unknown, of exploring, of discovering. Of a sense of freedom, expansion, of wholeness and connection with so much that lies beyond the veil of routine .

The Story

We create, curate and offer ‘get-away experiences’ and creative expression workshops in our signature, personalized, warm, intimate and insightful way. Bringing to our clients a deep sense of connect with the places they visit, the stories they hear, the encounters they have and the discoveries they find.

Such as the experience of being a guest at The Birdsong Cottage and savoring the rural mountain region and wilderness around it. Our highly customized itineraries can be designed as per your needs and preferences in over 20 other locations across India, and abroad. Our journeys are about staying in small, local run home stays, jungle lodges, old family homes and heritage structures or camps. About soaking in the local connect of culture, geography, ecology, economy, history and nature.

Or such as the experience of participating in our writing workshops under the label Write & Beyond. Which help participants across ages, writing experience or skill level discover the story teller inside each one, and give it wings.