Himalayan High @ Birdsong

A  pure, pristine Himalayan getaway at 7000 ft in the lap of the mighty 20,000s. At a quiet, rustic, restful retreat for repose, bonding and rejuvenation. An cosily done up guest cottage located in a quaint, mountain region in a village of 55 families is the last thing one expects in this remote wilderness, making for a one of a kind experience in itself.


Surrounding forests here are of ancient oaks, deodars, pine and various mixed native Himalayan species. Wildlife sightings can include Himalayan dear, blue sheep, Western Himalayan Agama, jungle cats, and wide range of birds. The neighborhood leopard might also make an appearance.

Roughly 470kms distant from New Delhi, and 250kms from Haridwar, on the Haridwar-Joshimath National Highway – 58, the drive to this location for most part is besides the Ganga river. We are on a ridge dividing the two river valleys of Mandakini and Alaknanda, the two sister streams of the Ganga as it goes rushing down from its source to the plains.

We are blessed with amazing snow views of the eternal Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi, Trishul from all the huge glass windows and sit outs. Wonderful forest and village walks, treks and bird watching opportunities abound. An excellent base for the Chopta-Tunganath – Deoariyatal trek, skiing at Auli and and pilgrimage to the Char Dham and Hemkund Sahib. We are also close to the UNESCO World heritage site of Valley of Flowers, and the renowned Alpine meadows of Bedni and Ali Bugyal.  There are activities that can be planned in advance, for those who are keen- local cooking, farming practices participation, knitting sessions with village women, art / photography retreats, writing workshops and retreats, local craft centre visits and shopping, mountain biking and overnight camping among others.

A visit to The Birdsong Cottage is an opportunity to live amongst villagers and observe and participate in their lifestyle, culture and festivals-a mix of modern professions,business and trading, and traditional organic terrace farming and forest produce based  livelihoods. To savor local organic food for most meals. To live amidst pure clean air, to sip pure sweet spring water and to admire the glorious bounty and magic of mother earth. Ideal for nature lovers, artists, photographers, mountain lovers and and birdwatchers. Great for family bonding and activities with kids.


On a high ridge at 7000 feet, the views of the eternal snows are jaw dropping and gasp inducing indeed. Flanked by the Alaknanda river gorge on one side, and the Mandakini river valley on the other, this is as rooted a Himalayan experience as it can get, in Central Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

Best Season

Best Season depends on your inclination, as this is pretty much a year round location. Cool and lively and bountiful with fruits and farm produce in Summer, Misty, mysterious and utterly lush in Monsoons, cool with sparkling views, dainty flowers and crystal clear air in Spring and Autumn, and sharply cold, mostly clear sunny days in Winter make every season a delight here. Travel in the monsoons sometimes may be held up at times due to landslides or heavy rains enroute. Unusually heavy snow might on rare occasion lead road blocks.

Ideal for

Ideal for a complete, pure nature and culture connect, and for a soul connect. Plenty of rural experiential encounters . Ideal for those looking for a time away to write, read, paint, think or just disconnect from the city. Wildlife and birding abound for wildlife enthusiast. Mountain lovers can find enough to absorb their interest. Suitable for groups, families, friends, who are happy to get away from it al and be at ease in a totally rural environment, with none of the urban trappings of civilization like modern eateries, markets or party zones.

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