Pursuit of Laziness

A chance to snuggle deep into the do nothing, relaxation mode, soaking the flavors of our true to roots vacation spots, in places in India and across the globe .

Feel the unique soul and story of these places, staying in our select properties that speak of old ties to the land, of connections that are palpable in the very air. Off the beaten track, full of revelations and beautiful encounters with various rich, little known and even lesser experienced aspects of nature, geography, history and culture, these are vacation ideas to make you want to keep coming back for more.laziness


Many little tucked away places, a little known or unknown, in unlikely or most likely of geographies. For the most chilled out, laid back getaways with mostly nothing to do. . At a Rural homestay in Punjab. In rural Potteries District, England. In the heart of Dubai with a touch of tradition. In a sleepy, quiet and lush green Goan Village.

Best Time to visit

The charm of the English countryside is best savored May to September. Dubai Desert is at its welcoming best November to March. Punjab’s bounty is rich for visitors from October till April, and Goa is at its charming best almost all year through, except the hottest and most humid June- July.

Ideal for

Ideal for putting your feet up and being lazy. The ultimate luxury truly being the luxury of doing nothing. Perfect for everyone, when not looking for a party full of action, noise and happenings.

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